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Infrared Course - Level 1 Course
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Welcome to Online Certification Course for Level 1 Thermography Certification as published in CP-105. Meets th... [More]

Questions about Infrared Thermography
Professional Home Inspection Institute's Interactive Learning Method The infrared insulation inspection & remediation co... [More]

Infrared Level 1 Thermography
This in-depth course is geared towards those entering the infrared thermography field who may not have a background in scienc... [More]
Infrared Moisture Survey
This in-depth course is geared towards those entering the infrared thermography field who may not have a background in scienc... [More]
Infrared Energy Loss Survey
This course is designed to help you expand your thermal testing business to include infrared energy loss surveys. Providing t... [More]

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Infrared Energy Loss Survey Course
Completing this course will give you your Infrared Energy Surveyor certification and help you expand or start a business performing infrared energy loss surveys. This course will train you in the methods and practices used with an infrared camera to detec... [More]

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Online course for mold inspection certification nationwide. Mold inspection license information for states with mold license requirements.... [More]

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Add Energy Auditing to the list of services you offer.  This course teaches you the process of conducting a comprehensiv... [More]
Online Course for Energy Audits
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