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CEC (continuing education courses) available online for IICRC members from PMII, Professional Mold Inspection Institute... [More]

Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification - Continuing Education
Continuing education courses approved by IICRC for cecs in the cleaning/restoration category, cecs in the inspection category, or cecs in the master category... [More]

Professional Home Inspection Institute's Credentials
PHII's credentials as a provider of home inspection training... [More]

Our Credentials
PHII is an industry leader in home inspection training in the US and Canada. View our school's credentials to decide for yourself.... [More]

Home Inspection Courses
Approved training & certification courses from Professional Home Inspection Institute... [More]

Professional Mold Inspection Institute Credentials (
Mold training & certification credentials for Professional Mold Inspection Institute ( [More]

Professional Home Inspection Institute has been providing interactive online training since 1999.  As one of the first o... [More]
Hours: 40 | Type: DistanceIn many cases, the services of a Certified Mold Remediator and a Certified Mold Inspector are offer... [More]
What you will learn...How to make a preliminary determination for remediation proceduresHow to calculate costs (estimating)Ho... [More]
Mold training & certification CRMI, CCMI, CMR
Online Course | Course CD-ROM | Forms CD-ROM | DVD Video CompanionThe comprehensive 90-hour Residential Mold Inspector Certif... [More]
Interactive training courses for weatherization professionals
Evidence of current or past moisture problems can impact the recommendations that come from a residential energy audit. ... [More]
Florida Home Inspector Credentials List
List of Professional Home Inspection Institute Credentials including affiliation with FABI, the Florida Association of Building Inspectors... [More]