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Infrared Course - Level 1 Course
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Welcome to Online Certification Course for Level 1 Thermography Certification as published in CP-105. Meets th... [More]

Weatherization & Insulation Remediation
The lessons presented in this course will give you the training you need to weatherize, insulate and improve the overall ener... [More]
Thermal Inspection & Insulation Remediation
Online Course for Infrared Insulation Inspection & Remediation Course Includes: Attic Insulation/Ventilation, Wall I... [More]
Questions about Infrared Thermography
Professional Home Inspection Institute's Interactive Learning Method The infrared insulation inspection & remediation co... [More]

Energy Audit Can Help Cut Chills, Bills
Energy Audit Can Help Cut Chills, Bills →
Bitter cold January temperatures have homeowners cranking up thermostats — and sweating the higher heating bills that are ... [More]

Infrared Energy Loss Survey
This course is designed to help you expand your thermal testing business to include infrared energy loss surveys. Providing t... [More]

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Infrared Insulation Inspection & Remediation Course
Learn to inspect insulation with an infrared camera and remediate insulation problems as well. Online course from Professional Home Inspection Institute... [More]

Weatherization & Insulation Remediation Course Outline
Course learning objectives and course outline for the Weatherization and Insulation Remediation Course... [More]

Interactive training courses for weatherization professionals
While the primary focus of a residential energy audit focuses on the exterior shell of a house, homeowners also have signific... [More]
Now more than ever, homeowners are looking for ways that save money on their energy bills.  This course will provide you... [More]
Simple Home Construction Course8-hour Simplified Home Construction Online course, Tracking via the Internet, Online Course Ac... [More]
Hours: 8 | Type: DistanceOur Simple Home Construction course provides an easy-to-follow overview of the methods typical singl... [More]
Manufactured Homes Insulation Course
This course will give you all the information you need to know to begin performing insulation remediation and other energy-saving work on manufactured homes. When taken with other courses provided by PHII, this course will also provide you with your Weath... [More]
Add Energy Auditing to the list of services you offer.  This course teaches you the process of conducting a comprehensiv... [More]
Online Course for Energy Audits
This course will teach you the process of conducting an energy audit.  The course includes sample forms and specific tes... [More]
Learn Weatherization - Home
Learn weatherization techniques with online training and certification courses from Professional Home Inspection Institute.... [More]
Infrared thermal IR insulation course, CD-ROM, Tracking via the Internet, Online Course Access, Computerized Flashcards &... [More]
home inspectors in Florida will need a FL home inspector license by the year 2010
24-hour thermal IR insulation course, CD-ROM, Tracking via the Internet, Online Course Access,Computerized Flashcards & T... [More]
Hours: 12 | Type: DistanceOver the years and across different geographic areas a variety of building codes have governed manu... [More]
Mold training & certification CRMI, CCMI, CMR
Online Course | Course CD-ROM | Forms CD-ROM | DVD Video CompanionThe comprehensive 90-hour Residential Mold Inspector Certif... [More]
Interactive training courses for weatherization professionals
Evidence of current or past moisture problems can impact the recommendations that come from a residential energy audit. ... [More]